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Dr. Lynne Namka
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Your Quick Anger Makeover
is jam packed with the newest ideas about how to understand and liberate anger and other unwanted, raw emotions. This book is a practical, light-hearted guide to take you through your wildest and woolliest feelings! It is suitable for the professional and lay person alike. It gives a unified theory of emotional intelligence from the early Taoistic texts to today's hot, new Energy Psychology approaches. Learn the latest ideas blending Western psychology and Eastern spirituality on how to manage and release disruptive emotions.

You will greatly benefit from this book if you are:

  • Caught up with intense thoughts, feelings and behavior.
  • Defensive when given criticized or given information.
  • Quick to take offense and act out with resentment and hostility.
  • Caught in a rush of excitement that gives permission to act out in anger.
  • Angry because you can't set boundaries on others' inappropriate behavior.
  • Destroying important relationships with your anger.

There is hope! Integrating the Cognitive Behavioral approaches to address thinking errors contributing to anger and the Energy Psychology techniques to release it quickly gives a holistic approach. Learn sure-fire, quick techniques to banish all unhappy feelings including anger today!


"Your Quick Anger Make Over has everything you ever wanted to know about anger. It gives a synthesis of different anger management approaches. This book just doesn't talk about anger, it has many helpful activities to help understand, manage and change your anger problems."
             -- Rose Allinder, Ph. D. Licensed Psychologist

"You have written an encyclopedia on anger!" -- Rami Katz, M. S. W.

"I loved Your Quick Anger Make Over, and I'm planning to use the exercises with my clients, and also for myself.  I work with youth who are placed in residential treatment after encounters with the legal system.  Most of them have a lot of anger.  Some are aware of it, and others are not ready to admit it to themselves or anyone.  We are learning to use the different version of the Tapas Acupressure Technique (among others) to start understanding feelings and healing them rather than acting them out.  Understanding emotions and their purpose, and where they come from, is so important, and so often overlooked. 

Feelings don't happen for no reason.  Thanks to Lynne Namka for validating what I have been trying to internalize, and teach to others.  Her book brings together many of the best theories about anger and emotions, and explains them in a way that is accessible and non-threatening.  I wish that all my clients, their families, and my own family would read this book and use this information. Lynne Namka is to anger as Virginia Satir is to families. I love her too."
             -- Wendy Reiersen, MS, CPCI (Certified Professional Counselor Intern), mother of three

Your Quick Anger Make Over: Twenty Cutting Edge Techniques to Release Anger     $19.95  
Twosome     Quick Anger Make Over & Parents Fight Parents Make Up                         $25.95  


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