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  • Leave. Don't stay. Take care of yourself.
  • If the person is bigger than you, get away from him or her. Go to a safe place and take care of yourself. Find a place where you feel safe. Or run to some adult you trust or to your neighbor's house.
  • Find some safe people to talk to. If the first person does not listen, find someone else.
  • Remember kids should not be hurt. Not even parents are supposed to hurt little kids. Keep talking until you find someone to help you.
  • If you or other people in your family are being hurt badly, call 911 and ask for help.
  • If someone is touching you in ways that you do not like, call the Child Abuse Hot Line at 1-800-422-4453.

This information is from the book, The Mad Family Gets Their Mads Out: Fifty Things Your Family Can Say and Do to Express Anger Constructively Text and illustrations are copyright 1995 Lynne Namka.

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