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Peace Building Skills

(Bully Behavior Curriculum - page 9)
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Another type of Egg On is sarcasm. Sarcastic words are loaded with anger and said with a sneer. Sarcastic remarks irritate and challenge people who are already angry. Responding to Bully Behavior with angry remarks is an invitation to the other person to go after you and hurt you more.


Sarcastic Egg Ons That Cause Others To Keep Trying To Hurt Me

  • Shut up.
  • You just try.
  • I dare you.
  • Oh yeah, show me.
  • Who do you think you are?
  • You and who else?
  • Like right!
  • Try and make me.
  • You're dead meat.
  • Using cuss words.
  • Name calling.
Egg On Behaviors include rolling your eyes, sighing, sneering and standing with your fists clenched or your hands on your hips and acting tough. Egg On Behaviors keep the other person angry with you.


Helper Words:

  • I stop my egg ons and put downs.
  • I watch my words when someone tries to pick on me.
  • When someone tries to push my buttons, I say "That's just the way he is."
  • "I don't react to teasing behavior. I am my own person.

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