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Kits and Manuals by Lynne Namka, Ed. D.

I Stop My Bully Behavior

Children need to learn the basic skills of treating each other with respect. The Ruff Tuff Bully Part helps the children identify with the part of them that can be hurtful to others.  The humor in the activities and games in our I Stop My Bully Behavior Kit helps children learn to be respectful to each other.

This kit offers a complete curriculum with 60 activities, based on the cognitive behavioral research, to increase positive behavior in your group.  The sixty activities include learning about bully behavior, developing  a Group Bill of Rights, starting a No-Put Down Club to decrease name calling and mean teasing, letting go of bad feelings, using the “I formula,” stopping Hot Thoughts, learning cooling off phrases and stopping self angering behavior.

I Stop My Bully Behavior Kit

Bully Behavior Lesson Plans     Manual Only $39.95

Anger Works Kit  (For Therapists Only)

You work with difficult children--youngsters who have been hurt by others.  You feel their rage and at times feel your own frustration.  Anger release via catharsis is a necessary component of rage reduction in therapy for troubled children.  But more important is getting the child who has been abused to talk about his anger and learning skills to deal with angry feelings.  Our lesson plans stress that anger is a normal human emotion that is a response to stress or threat.  Through role playing, group discussion, and cathartic activities, children learn to gain control of their outbursts of anger. Helper Words give children internal cues they can use to cool down and make good choices. 

The fourteen lesson plans to help children who have been abused include:  It OK to be Mad If You Are Nice About It....feeling comfortable about having an angry part and locating the Sad and Hurt Part that hides in the body.  I Get My Mads Out...learning the trigger points of anger and learning to release anger symbolically in safe ways.  I Can Chill Out!  I Can Cool Down!  I Don't Have to be a Crab All of the Time!....learning to discriminate between the “Little Mads and Big Mads”, not getting angry when you don't get your own way and letting go of grudges.  Plus more!

The Anger Works Kit

Anger Works Lesson Plans     Manual Only $35.00

Take Time Out to Understand Yourself Kit

Do you get tired of correcting a child for the same behavior over and over?  Time out should be a satisfying learning experience, which deceases inappropriate behavior instead of punishment, which leaves your child angry and resentful!  Cool Dude Bear offers children a challenge for taking responsibility for their own behavior. Turn ineffective time outs into a powerful positive learning activity for children.

Seven lesson plans are included:  The Three types of Time Out:  Take A Vacation, Quiet Chair and the Time Out Room.... encouraging children to remove themselves when upset.  Cool Dude and I Talk It Out:...releasing anger over small things, giving up the need to have your own way, expressing anger in socially acceptable ways.

Take Time Out To Understand Yourself Kit™    

Take Time Out Kit Lesson Plans     Manual Only $9.95

The Super Hero Capes

Do you have impulsive children who have trouble sitting, keeping their hands to themselves and waiting their turn?  What do wiggly boys long for?  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No, it's Super Hero Cape to your rescue.  Even little girls want to be Super Heroes and wear our capes.  Children love these capes.  They decrease their squirming and talking out of turn in group to earn to right to wear them.  Even high-demand-for-adult attention children can learn to inhibit their requests and feel good about doing so. Little hands and mouths try harder when the hope of earning the cape is offered.

Made of satin material with glitter, one size fits all.  The seven lessons plans are from the research on teaching children to inhibit their own behavior include Feeling Safe in My Own Elbow Room.... learning to say “No” to others who bother you and keep hands to self.  Self Talk- Putting Up Your Own Stop Sign....learning to cue yourself to decrease inappropriate behaviors.  Who's in Charge?  I'm in Charge of My Own Body.

Super Waiter Cape Kit     (only 15 left!)      $24.95

Close Out Half Price Sale!       $14.95
Quiet Voice Cape Kit        (only 15 left)       $24.95 Close Out Half Price Sale!       $14.95
Hands To Myself Cape Kit  (only 15 left)       $24.95 Close Out Half Price Sale!       $14.95

Books by Lynne Namka

The Mad Family Gets Their Mads Out:  Fifty Things

Your Family Can Say and Do To Express Anger Constructively

The explosive child in this delightful book lives in an angry family and he gets angry in return in ways that upset others.  His parents take him to see a nice lady who teaches him how to play out his anger and express his feelings appropriately.  The whole family learns positive communication skills, anger containment and expressing uncomfortable feelings. The book teaches the “I Formula” and catharsis to release anger.  The book is number 23 on a bestseller list for domestic violence.  For more information on this book, go to

The Mad Family Book Shows You How to:

√                      deal with an angry child by giving positive alternatives.

√                      help your child understand his angry feelings.

√                      express anger in ways that do not hurt others.

√                      learn safe and fun ideas for anger release.

√                      learn to safely speak negative feelings to increase self-esteem.


“Read it again, Grandma.”  Tyler, age 3

“The book that every parent should bring home from the hospital with their new baby.”   Lisa Marx, parent.

The Mad Family Gets Their Mads Out    Paperback 


How To Let Go Of Your Mad Baggage

Got angry teenagers?  Here is the book on anger and what to do about it written for adolescents and grownups!   Learn to contain unnecessary anger, release old angers and express your anger in ways that do not hurt others or yourself.  Examine your own “withholds” and “below the belt fighting.” The metaphors given about the mads make the book light- hearted reading.  However, it gives profoundly serious descriptions of what you can do with your own uncomfortable feelings.  The humorous drawings give a light touch to the topic.  The book gives ideas on how to let go of anger in safe and sane ways.  To read more about this book, go to


“Lynne Namka, a prolific author and psychologist has intertwined truth, knowledge, insight and humor to produce the best book on the subject this reviewer has seen.  How to Let Go… offers the peaceful and practical tools for dealing with conflict and confrontation, for both parents and teenagers alike.  How to Let Go of Your Mad Baggage can show you how to move from anger to empowerment and to love yourself and your fellow human beings…even in your most troubled times.  Lynne Namka has opened the door to understanding...and therefore, to betterment!”

Richard Fuller  Metaphysical Reviews

How To Let Go Of Your Mad Baggage  Paperback - Reg $9.95 - Sale - Half Price!

ComboThe Mad Family Gets Their Mads Out & How to Let Go of Your Mad Baggage  $14.95

Avoiding Relapse:  Catching Your Inner Con

Do addictions control your life?  Avoiding Relapse:  Catching Your Inner Con is a quick reference guide to the most common obsessive thoughts that set you up for addiction relapse. The book shows you how to break into con statements at the moment of craving or crisis. Your Inner Con is that scheming, conniving part of your mind that tempts you to go back to your addiction!  This inflated fragment of the ego attempts to manipulate you by focusing on fear and anxiety.   This book identifies the lies of the Con and helps you break into the negative thinking that keeps you caught in the bottle or drug of choice.  To read a chapter of the book, go to relapse.htm.


"Of the many books I've reviewed about addiction relapse in the past 30 years, this is the best. Dr. Namka identifies brilliantly that a recovering addict's self-defeating self-talk is a seductive internal "Con," who is a skilled little liar, but doesn't represent the sum of the recovering person. That means that relapse is a choice, not a need. She shows with empathy, clarity and humor that we have a range of other options to choose from, she shows, and helps us to identify and use them."

 Audrey DeLaMartre,  Addictions Reviewer,  The Phoenix and Steps For Recovery

Avoiding Relapse:  Catching Your Inner Con  Paperback    


The Doormat Syndrome

Do you give too much? Is your life out of balance?  The Doormat Syndrome helps you get off the merry-go-round of co-dependency and find your own Inner Wisdom.  This book encourages you to break the cycle of learned helplessness and stand up and ask for what you want.  Adults need to learn prosocial skills too.  This book uses Virginia Satir's concepts as a guide for the necessary communication skills to achieve positive self-esteem.  The book is funny, irreverent and profound.  Included are worksheets, visualization exercises and meditations to help you learn techniques for developing a relationship with your Higher Power, gain personal empowerment and enhance your interactions with others.  To read about doormat behavior and giving away personal power, go to doormat.htm.


Psychologist Lynne Namka's “The Doormat Syndrome” is a compendium of the who's, what's, how's, and why's of how people become “doormats”.  It offers new ways to look at and recognize the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that serve to put individuals into that role…Lynne writes eloquently, listing all the traits that get so ingrained in the brain, right from childhood, as a way of coping with family dysfunction….  This book is a must for anyone interested in co-dependency or involved with 12 step or self-help groups in this area.  It has more meat in it than any other book of its type that I have so far read.”

Ann Chamberlain,  Addictions Counselor

 The Doormat Syndrome   Paperback   


A Gathering of Grandmothers:

Words of Wisdom From Women of Spirit and Power

A Gathering of Grandmothers: Words of Wisdom From Women of Spirit and Power is a collection of stories, poems, wise sayings and visions and women supporting each other in the later stages of life. It speaks to the rite of passage of women moving into the second half of life with grace and wisdom.

The book is edited by Lynne Namka and features her unique kind of wisdom plus 25 other authors. This anthology addresses women ages 50 to 101 becoming their true self as they grow older. They write about aging with zest and enthusiasm with much to give to older women and the younger generation. The book offers readers wit, humor and zest as these women share their deepest fears, hopes and decisions to age consciously. As Margaret Mead said, 'There is nothing like the zest of a menopausal woman!' These authors are gutsy, opinionated women who have something to say about the deeper essence and mysteries of life.  To read one of the short articles from the book on conscious aging, go to grandmothers.htm.


A Gathering of Grandmothers rattled my aging bones. This collection of writings, edited by psychologist Lynne Namka and subtitled Words of Wisdom from Women of Spirit and Power, was not what I expected. Not at all. Few, if any, of these elder authors gather comfortably over coffee, content to share homilies and quilting patterns.  These are fighting women. Women past child rearing, fighting, maybe for the first time, to become their best selves.  Yes, they generously share their wisdom, but, in many cases, they remain entangled in the process of their own real birthings, delayed by decades of nurturing others, instead of themselves…. I found A Gathering of Grandmothers to be intelligent, eye-opening and inspiring. I like that it shatters the traditional grandmother image. Instead, it's grandma with a raised fist.

Darcy Alvey,  Senior Life Associate Editor  Southern California Senior Life

A Gathering of Grandmothers: Words of Wisdom from Women of Spirit and Power  Paperback


Goodbye Ouchies and Grouchies, Hello Happy Feelings:
EFT for Kids of All Ages

Too many sads, bads and mads at your house?  Too many pesky, annoying, baffling, depressing, maddening, bothersome and awkward feelings keeping everyone upset?   Are your child's out-of-control emotions making him or her and everyone else miserable?  The real truth about feelings:  Feelings are meant to be felt, then released!   If people would learn to feel their feelings and let them go, there would not be so much acting out and hate in the word. Typical children's problems are discussed as different parts of the personality with lightness and humor to help children understand themselves and want to change. The book teaches The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is a new, exciting, fast-acting approach to release negative feelings.  Acclaimed by therapists and thousands of people worldwide, EFT helps create a happier life.  For detailed information, go to newbooks.htm#teaching


“I urge every parent to study this book and apply its contents to our young citizens.  It will do more for the quality of their lives, and thus the emotional health of our planet, than all other forms of conventional counseling combined.”

Gary H. Craig, Founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques

"EFT for Kids of All Ages" is an awesome book for children and adults.  It is the kind of book you will want to sit down and read with a child.  Lynne has done a fabulous job explaining feelings and the importance of managing them appropriately.  Reading this book acknowledges and validates feelings, which is so important in a child's life….It is well illustrated to keep a child's attention and even adults.  In my opinion this book should be in every home.”

Carol Tuttle; Renowned energy therapist, best-selling author, international seminar leader, mother and wife

“I received your book, and I am in awe of it! It is marvelous. I really love it. Being a former teacher, I can tell you that it has a great future in the guidance departments in schools of the world!!!  Not to mention in the families of the world. You have done a fantastic job.”

 Betty Moore-Hafte; Therapist and author

Goodbye Ouchies and Grouchies, Hello Happy Feelings  Paperback    


Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Children:

Fifty Fun Activities for Parents, Teachers and Therapists

People who are tuned into their Emotional Intelligence interpret and use their feelings to think and act appropriately meeting the needs of the social situation.  Emotional Intelligence is said to be more important than IQ in becoming successful in today's world.    So how do you get children to learn Emotional Intelligence?  Easy!   You teach them!  You can teach your child these important life skills by through these quick, easy activities that promote the skills.  To read more about this book, go to newbooks.htm#teaching and scroll down.  Help your child learn how to be well rounded and emotionally stable by learning these skills:

·        Recognizing, acknowledging and labeling feelings

·        Expressing feelings in safe and appropriate ways           

·        Releasing negative feelings quickly and safely

·        Listening to other people's upset feelings.

·        Taking responsibility for misbehavior and mistakes

·        Breaking into negative thinking and use self talk as cues for change

Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Children  Paperback

ComboGoodbye Ouchies and Grouchies & Teaching Emotional Intelligence $18.95
Triple Threat: The Mad Family Gets Their Mads Out, Goodbye Ouchies & Grouchies AND Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Children $22.95
Fab Four: How to Let Go of Your Mad Baggage, The Mad Family Gets Their Mads Out, Goodbye Ouchies & Grouchies & Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Children $29.95


Order Form (PDF)

Do You Work with Angry Children?  Teach Social Skills to give Children
Tools to Deal with the Emotional Distress and Conflict in the Lives  

Children need skills to express and release their negative feelings in safe ways.  Young people are hungry for tools to deal with conflict.  Children with social skills feel more in control of their lives.  Social skill training increases self-esteem and the ability to solve problems. Social skills are easy and fun to teach in  groups.

 The research says that angry children often misbehave because they do not feel they are heard.  A group format of direct teaching gives children the opportunity to air their hurt and angry feelings and learn alternatives to acting out.  Our kits and books give you solutions for your worst behavior problems!  The lesson plans give you fun activities which will help you:


·        Teach children positive social skills to cope with their negative emotional states and deal with the problems and stressors that they face daily. 

·        Create a supportive milieu in the class, school and community so that children reinforce each other for positive behavior.  Teach children to care for and support each other.  

·        Reach more children by concentrating part of your time using a group format with anger management curriculums based on what works to turn angry young people around.  

·        Cut down on crisis problems and time that you spend individually correcting and punishing children by using direct teaching on positive ways of acting.


Children who feel good about themselves because they can handle difficult situations are less likely to act out with behavior problems.  Teaching social skills helps keep children drug and gang free!  

Teaching Social Skills Complements  Family Systems and Play Therapy 

Therapists!  Supplement play therapy with the child or family therapy with direct teaching. Social skills are fun and easy to teach.  A few minutes a week spent on social skills show people alternatives to what doesn't work!  The payoff for using our kits is a happy environment where individuals support each other in having respectful behavior. 

We are Serious About Our Mission 

We provide products to help children caught in emotional pain express their feelings.  Our company is based on principles of respect and integrity for all--our employees, customers and the children who change and grow when they are taught positive social skills.   

We practice environmental awareness  and recycling whenever possible.  We believe in living in accordance with Higher Values and giving back to the greater order of things.  We believe peace building begins with each of us.  

Risk Free Guarantee! 

Our products offer you savvy, snappy ideas to help you get the positive behavior change in children that you want!  We believe that the ideas presented in our kits will empower you to help children.  Use the lesson plans from any of our kits or products in your group for one year. If you do not see a significant change in children, simply return the kit with a note.  We will send you a prompt, complete refund- cheerfully!



“If we are to reach real peace in the world, we shall have to begin with the children.”  Gandhi


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