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Letting Go of Anger
Just Poke It!

Lynne Namka, Ed. D. © 1997

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Negative emotions interrupt and disturb the entire body's energy system. A new technique from Thought Field Therapy gives a way to break into frustration, irritation and anger and even aggression. Thought Field Therapy was discovered by Roger Callahan, a California psychologist. Thought Field Therapy is a revolutionary new technique for breaking into negative emotions and beliefs. You can access the Thought Field web page at

Poking or tapping certain parts of your body while thinking of the upsetting situation can change your energy and release the uncomfortable feelings. After the pressure or tapping, the information is stored differently in your body. Your energy flows more freely. Often the angry thoughts about the issue spontaneously change after doing this technique.

Here's What You Do

This step by step procedure gives you tasks to do that involve different parts of your body and your brain.

Start with a small thing that upsets you while you learn this Thought Field Technique.

  • 1. Think about what upsets you. How upset are you--a little, some or quite a bit?
  • 2. Gently tap on the inside of your little finger near the nail with the finger of your other hand. Tap 12-15 times.
  • 3. Tap on your collarbone lightly 12-15 times.
  • 4. Tap on back of your hand between the knuckles of your little finger and ring finger.
  • 5. Keep tapping. Close your eyes. Open your eyes.
  • 6. Look down to the right. Keep tapping on the back of your hand through step 12.
  • 7. Look down to the left. (These eye movements put information in different parts of the brain)
  • 8. Roll your eyes in a large circle.
  • 9. Roll your eyes in a big circle the other direction.
  • 10. Hum any short tune ( a creative task to put information into the right brain)
  • 11. Count to five ( a linear task to put information into the left brain)
  • 12. Hum a tune again.
  • 13. Think about the angry situation. How upset are you? A little, some, a lot?
  • 14. Tap on the inside of your little finger again 12-15 times.
  • 15. Tap on your collarbone 12-15 times.
  • 16. Take a deep breath, stretch, sigh and let it go. Now how angry are you?
  • 17. Say "I forgive ____ , I know he or she did the best they could do" three times while tapping across the palm of your hand.

Still Stressed? Eyes Up and Down Technique

  • Tap on your knuckles between your ring and little finger.
  • Hold your head level and look down at the floor.
  • Slowly raising your eyes to the ceiling. Do this three times. How angry you now?

Repeat the Thought Field procedure until your level of anger goes down. This technique is revolutionary!


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