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Ways To Break Out Of Anger

Your Peace of Mind
is Where You Put Your Energy!

Lynne Namka, Ed. D. © 1997

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Identify Your Self Angering Metaphors:

_____I'm Hot as a Firecracker
_____I'm an Emotional Yo-yo.
_____I'm a Time Bomb Ready to Explode
_____I'm Coiled Ready to Spring
_____I Have a Short Fuse
_____I'm a Volcano Ready to Go Off
_____There's a Ball of Fire Within Me
_____I'm at My Breaking Point
_____I'm a Prisoner of my Anger
_____I'm a Pressure Cooker Ready to Blow
_____There Are Red Flames Consuming Me
_____I Have an Uncontrollable Temper
_____I'd Rather Be Right Than Happy
_____I'm an Emotional Roller Coaster
_____I'm Stuck--I Can't Let Go--It's Engraved in Stone
_____I'm the King/Queen of Denial


Remember When You Are Stressed, You Are More Likely To Become Angry Successful Anger Management Keeps The Stress At A Minimum In Your Life


Positive Things You Can Do With Your Stress
Adaptive Coping with Threat and Feeling Overwhelmed

____ Deep Breathe
____ Progressive. Relaxation
____ Pray/Meditate
____ Talk to Friends
____ Listen to a Relaxation Tape
____ Exercise
____ Play or Listen to Music
____ Problem Solving
____ Confront Others/Share Feelings
____ Distract with Pleasurable Events/Hobbies
____ Get Out in Nature
____ Identify Triggers
____ Confront Self Negative Verbal Statements
____ Stop Your Self Angering Thoughts
____ Problem Solving Pros & Con
____ Writing /Journaling
____ Confront Others and Set Your Boundaries
____ Observe/Contain Anger
____ Find Humor in Situation
____ Read about Problem
____ Gain Social Support
____ Go to Self Help Group
____ Get More Rest
____ Ask Your unconscious Mind to See Things Differently
____ Take a Vacation

Other _________________________________________________________________

Remember, When You Are Feelings Stressed,
Your Number One Priority Is To Take Good Care Of Yourself!

Not So Healthy Things To Do With Your Anger
Maladaptive Coping With Threat, Stress and Loss:

____ Become Emersed In Excessive Violent TV
____ Ignore The Problem And Do Not Confront The Person
____ Hang Out With Negative People
____ Allow Irritability to Build Up
____ Withdrawal into Silent Treatment
____ Explode Anger on Others/Things
____ Deny Problems
____ Personalize/Internalize Anger
____ Stuff Feelings
____ Dwell on Intrusive Negative Thoughts
____ Excessive Work
_____ Eat/binge
_____ Dwell on How Bad You Have It, Play "Ain't It Awful" over and over in your mind
____ Push Your Body to Fatigue
____ Indulge in Alcohol or Drugs

When You Are Stressed, Remember to Use Empowerment Statements:

_____ I will get through this!
_____ I'm in charge here, not my anger.
_____ My out-of-control anger is not in charge.
_____ I'll chill out and take care of myself.
_____ I'm going to make it.
_____ I will survive.
_____ I'll do my breathing until I figure out what to do.

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