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How To Let Go Of Your Mad Baggage

by Lynne Namka, Ed.D.


Anger Is Part of the Spiritual Path!

The Spiritual Book On Anger And What To Do About It!
A funny book about anger? Mads! What are we to do with those sudden bursts of irrational anger that come about unexpectedly? How To Let Go Of Your Mad Baggage is the book for you if you want to learn about dealing with those pesky emotions that keep popping up and keep you stewed up. If you are a human being reading this, then you probably have some mad baggage. Wouldn't you like to learn to let it go? Our world would be a peaceful place if more people let go of their anger.

How To Let Go of Your Mad Baggage expands on the energies of anger as described by The Celestine Prophesy, which illustrated how negative energies spread from one person to another. This humorous book teaches you to view anger as a spiritual lesson from which to learn. The book provides peaceful, practical tools for dealing with conflict and confrontation. It explores the spiritual dimensions of being a human being who has the emotion of anger and how to move from anger to empowerment. It offers peaceful solutions to the deep seated anger present on our planet.

This easy-to-read book promotes peaceful ways to change the world. We humans can learn to use our anger constructively to improve our society, as did Ghandi, Martin Luther King and other peacemakers. How To Let Go of Your Mad Baggage offers hope and humor as it shows readers how to observe and detach from strong emotions, and learn to accept and balance their emotions. It helps us to create peaceful solutions to our angry, chaotic times. We can use our oh-so-human anger constructively to change our world!

How to Let Go of Your Mad Baggage, 1996
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