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Goodbye Ouchies and Grouchies, Hello Happy Feelings:
EFT for Kids

Too Many Sads, Bads and Mads at Your House?

Feelings! Pesky, annoying, baffling, depressing, maddening, bothersome and awkward feelings! Are your child's out-of-control emotions making him or her and everyone else miserable?

The real truth about feelings: Feelings are meant to be felt, then released! If people would learn to feel their feelings and let them go, there would not be so much acting out and hate in the word.

The good news is you can learn an easy and effective tool to help release stressful feelings! My new book, Goodbye Ouchies and Grouchies, Hello Happy Feelings: EFT for Kids of all Ages will help you explain how to deal with real, live, negative emotions to your child.

The book presents typical kid problems with their emotions (and ways to release negative feelings). Here are some of the skills we all need to learn to have loving relationships that are addressed in the book!

  • Express anger in safe and appropriate ways
  • Decrease the intensity of distressing emotions
  • Release strong negative emotions
  • Use Helper Words to cool yourself down
  • Stop saying Loser thoughts that keep you from doing your work
  • Listen to your conscience and take responsibility for mistakes
  • Learn to be assertive and say 'No!'
  • Stop beating yourself up
Typical children's problems are discussed as different parts of the personality with lightness and humor to help children understand themselves and want to change:

  • The Gimmee, Gimmee Part
  • The Scared Part
  • The Sad Part
  • The Mad Part
  • The Trouble Part
  • The Confused Part
  • The Teasing Part and The Bully Part
  • The I Don't Want To Part (do my chores, go to bed, do homework)
  • The Eat to Feel Good Part
  • The Addictive Part that Steals Your Sense of Self
The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a new, exciting, fast-acting technique you can teach yourself and your child. Acclaimed by therapists and thousands of people worldwide, EFT helps create a happier life.

You will fall in love with this instant success tool that increases positive self-esteem. Sounds exciting? Well it is. The Emotional Freedom Technique works wonders on exasperating feelings!

EFT gives you a great tool for learning Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence has been found to be far more important than IQ, technical skills or experience in determining success in the business world. If you are a parent, teacher, counselor, a business manager or someone who wants to deal with your own out-of-control feelings, this book will show you exactly how to do it.

Goodbye Ouchies and Grouchies, Hello Happy Feelings shows you how to comfortably talk with children about emotions. Teach your child Emotional Intelligence and how to deal with feelings. Make your home happier by teaching your child how to tap and zap uncomfortable feelings away with EFT. Give your child a blueprint for a happy life!

Order this book now to help your child become the great person he or she was meant to be!

for Good Bye Ouchies and Grouchies, Hello Happy Feelings!

'I urge every parent to study this book and apply its contents to our young citizens. It will do more for the quality of their lives, and thus the emotional health of our planet, than all other forms of conventional counseling combined.'

Gary H. Craig, Founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques

"EFT for Kids of All Ages" is an awesome book for children and adults. It is the kind of book you will want to sit down and read with a child. Lynne has done a fabulous job explaining feelings and the importance of managing them appropriately. Reading this book acknowledges and validates feelings, which is so important in a child's life.

Most of my clients are seeing me due to the fact they never were acknowledged for their fear, embarrassment, shame, worry, and many, many more feelings they have been packing around their entire life!

We are making quantum leaps just by adding that one vital piece to a child's experience, the validation of feelings!! If you do not have a child to share this great book with, buy it for yourself.

Lynne includes beautiful examples in easy to understand terms and how to use EFT to help clear sadness, depression, fear, confusion, anger, teasing, shame, guilt, negative thinking, eating imbalances, and even addictions. It is well illustrated to keep a child's attention and even adults. In my opinion this book should be in every home."

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a renowned energy therapist, best-selling author, international seminar leader, mother and wife. For more information visit

Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Children:

Fifty Fun Activities for Parents, Teachers and Therapists

People who are tunned into their Emotional Intelligence interpret and use their feelings to think and act appropriately meeting the needs of the social situation. Emotional Intelligence is said to be more important than IQ in becoming successful in today's world.

Emotional Intelligence skills are quite easy to teach once you have the basic understanding of the nuts and bolts of dealing with feelings. Here are some of the skills necessary for Emotional Intelligence to obtain success in life:

… Emotional Self Awareness and Self Management‹Regulating anxiety, stress and anger and inhibit impulsivity. Learning self-soothing and stress management techniques to handle inner distress.

… Social Awareness‹Recognizing verbal and nonverbal cues of the negative emotions of others. Having empathy and understanding and being tolerant of others and their feelings. Refraining from actions that hurt others.

… Self-discipline‹ Being conscientious and demonstrating hard work, controlling emotions, words, actions and impulses.

… Persistence and Motivation‹Being willing to act on meaningful priorities and giving good effort. Continuing to persevere on hard work with determination even when confronted with failure.

… Trust Worthiness and Honesty‹ Having integrity, telling the truth and admitting wrongdoing. Being truthful with yourself and owning your mistakes and feelings is the basic foundation for honesty.

So how do you get children to learn Emotional Intelligence? Easy! You teach them! You can actually help your child learn these all important life skills by through these quick, easy activities that promote the skills necessary for happiness in life. Included are 50 activities to help you teach your children how to be well rounded and emotionally stable through appropriate use of his feelings.

My exciting curriculum, Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Children: Fifty Fun Activities for Parents, Teachers and Therapists accompanies my book, Goodbye Ouchies and Grouchies, Hello Happy Feelings: EFT for Kids of All Ages.

The two books together give parents, teachers and therapists extensive directions on how to help children (and yourself) learn to:

  • Recognize feelings
  • Acknowledge feelings
  • Label feelings
  • Express feelings safely
  • Take responsibility for mistakes
  • Release negative feelings safely
  • Listen to other people's upset feelings.
  • Take responsibility for errors and mistakes
  • Break into negative thinking and use Helper Words for motivation
  • Understand the different parts of the personality
These skills help a child feel good about him or herself and create a good self-esteem! Order today so that you can start this important skill building process.

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