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Signs of Serious Violence Problems in Your Child

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The National Crime Prevention Council advises parents to know the signs that indicate kids are troubled. Look for the symptoms: Lack of interest in school.

  • Absence of age-appropriate anger control skills.
  • Seeing themselves as the victim.
  • Persistent disregard for or refusal to follow the rules.
  • Cruelty to pets or other animals.
  • History of bullying.
  • Artwork or writing that bleak or violent or that depicts isolation or anger.
  • Talking constantly about weapons or violence.
  • Obsessions with things like violent games, movies and TV shows. Depression or mood swings.
  • Bringing a weapon (any weapon) to school.
  • Talking about bringing a weapon to school.
  • Misplaced or unwarranted jealously.
  • Involvement with or interest in gangs.
  • Self-isolation from family and friends.

The more of these signs you see, the greater the chance that the child needs help. These signs say your child is crying for help.

Talk with your child about his behavior and your expectations for him or her. Don't wait until it is too late. Head it off before there are dire circumstances coming out of it. The child who shows these signs needs a safe person to work out his problems.

Anger does a number on people and always huts the family. Anger begets anger. The more people rant and rave, the more hostility they build up.

What children want is someone to listen to them and understand them. Getting professional help is the best investment you can make in your child's future. Or your might get a family friend, rabbi, minister or teacher to talk to your child.

Like the wise man said, "If you want to end up with what you got now, keep on doing what you are doing." Try something different. If you can't do it by yourself, get some help.

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