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Things for Parents To Say
To Help A Child
Ward Off A Mad Attack

  • "Stop and think. Make a good choice."

  • "Remember to breathe when your tummy gets tight. Breath. Let's breathe together."

  • "Use your words, not your fists. People are not for hurting."

  • "You can do it. I know you can get your mads under control."

  • I understand, right now you are feeling mad. Still, you can't hurt people, things or yourself."

  • "You are the kind of kid who can take care of his own bad feelings."

  • "Go to a safe place and draw out your mads."

  • "You have a choice: Talk out your feelings or go to time out and get your mads under control."

  • "Well, I'm feeling mad right now myself. I'm going to go cool off, then we'll talk."

  • "I know how you feel. Sometimes I get mad myself. Then I tell myself, "It's OK to be mad if you are nice about it."

  • "Thanks for sharing your angry feelings. Good choice in using your words!"

  • "We are learning to be a 'Speak your feelings' kind of family. No more 'Mad Family' for us."

  • "I believe in you. Sometimes it's tough, isn't it?"

  • "You are one terrific kid!"

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This information is from the book, The Mad Family Gets Their Mads Out: Fifty Things Your Family Can Say and Do to Express Anger Constructively Text and illustrations are copyright 1995 Lynne Namka.


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