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Cues To Teach a Child
To Express Angry Feelings

Lynne Namka, Ed. D. © 1997

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  • It is okay to be mad. Anger is an appropriate feeling to have when others hurt you.
  • Angry feelings are part of being a human being. Be firm, fair and friendly to speak your mads.

  • People are not to be hurt. Use your words instead of your fists.
  • Work out your mads with your words.
  • It is important that we be gentle with people. Be a people friendly person.
  • People, animals and plants are not to be hurt. Treat all living things with respect.

  • Make a good choice. Stop and think before you act.
  • You can make a good choice when you are mad. Use your words!
  • Know what sets you off. Know your hot spots and trigger points!
  • Own your feelings! You are responsible for how you feel and act.

  • Separate the Big Deals from the Little Deals. Problem solve Big Deals. Let go of Little Deals.
  • You can't have your own way all the time. Don't sweat the small stuff.
  • Chill out. You don't have to get mad over every little thing. Be a cool dude!

  • You can let go of your mads by talking about them and working them out.
  • Tell someone when you are hurt. Find someone safe to talk to when you are upset.

  • Let your anger go in safe ways. Use your words! You can work out your mads.
  • Breathe when your mads come up. Blow those mads out!
  • Don't store anger in your body. Let it go. Talk it out. Tell someone about your mads.
  • Let the mads go. Shake them out. You choose to feel good when you use your words.

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